Thursday, 3 May 2012

What time is it?

It rang at 6:50 AM, it sang actually. And I got one day older, the calender jumped one step ahead and would never come back. I find it crazy, world revolves around Sun and comes back to its original start point(if it has any), then how come our lives are unidirectional. Is it just because we age with time, and we are a temporary phenomenon. I miss my grandpa who passed away a few years back, I thought time took him away, away from me. But if this whole universe, this creation just revolves, then why can't this time be a cycle, just revolving around, weaving a net around where our individual lives are threads, interwoven in different patterns, designs, intersecting with each other. Now I feel I never lost him, it's just that his thread has been displaced, it's just that his horizon has moved further away from mine. The design has changed, but our threads still intersect when I remember the way he used to carry me on his shoulders, those fond memories of my childhood. So now comes the point that if our lives are also cycles, then why do we always invest ourselves for the future, why don't we strengthen the thread right here right now, why don't we make our present colorful, when it's this thread which is going to intersect with our future. Why should we run to make the ends meet, when these are anyways going to meet as a part of a cycle.

We are always making ourselves ready for the inevitable, our demise, our departure from this mortal world. But do we make enough efforts that we touch other's lives in a beautiful way, we make their memories rich with the experiences they shared with us. Is insuring our lives, buying better return plans, accumulating wealth to be inherited by our offspring enough to make the moments they shared with us memorable. And do we experience enough beauty in the world that our eyes are filled with serene, scenic pictures when we are about to depart. It hardly matters how big your bank balance is when angels are waiting at the door, to take your soul, displace your thread.

 Death can't be as beautiful as life is, and life's beauty lies in those very moments that are indelible; that always exist through memories, legends, feelings...threads keep on changing positions, changing colors but these never cease to exist....

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