Wednesday, 2 May 2012


One flew over his head. He always had wished to fly up there, stretch out his wings and fly as high as the sky was. He despised the ones on the ground, considered them inferior than the ones up in the sky. He could feel how privileged one was up the sky with an endless expanse and a very few to accommodate in. While a sea of the unprivileged ones filled up the limited space down here. Something in him never let him believe that he belonged to here, he just considered himself an outsider who was waiting for his wings to grow and the chance to touch the sky.  And that day was coming closer, the day he would be free of this doomed place, the day he would break the shackles and fly away.

And then came the day, the day he waited for so long. The new was awaiting his arrival. He went running up there on the cliff, perched on its edge and looked around. His chest swelled with confidence, heart pumped up for the challenge which he knew he was going to win.  And then came the moment, he closed his eyes, jumped off the cliff, opened up his wings, fluttered it hard; spread his body over the air. But soon he noticed he wasn’t floating, he was going down. He tried with all his might, he tried different angles, and he tried to turn upside down but to no avail. And he fell down, luckily fell over a tree but soon grounded down. His whole body got bruised.  Cuts, contusions and scratches covered all his body. Blood dripping out of his temples, his legs got badly hurt.

But he could feel no pain; no bruise was aching but his heart. The heart which got broken. The realization of his limitations, the revelation that he was not born an elite, the knowledge of the fact that he was just like others who crawl over the lands and don’t possess the magic of wings. Tears trickled down his eyes, burning with flames of failure. He wished to die at the moment; life meant nothing to him anymore. He felt helpless, weak and a burden. He sat there, hours passed by. The sun which was up there was retiring now near the horizon. Dusk was settling around and darkness would soon engulf him, and his desires.
He saw a flier coming down there, and so he asked " what brings you down here? ". Flier said "it's my place my home". He couldn't understand so he asked "what makes it your home?, you belong to the skies, you are the privileged one because you have got wings". Flier replied "and you have the limbs, god created you with a different purpose and no creation of his' can be underprivileged". He further said "this world is a tree, if the ones who fly are leaves the ones who stay down are its roots, and the leaves are as green as rich the roots are. No matter how high I fly up in the sky my home will always stay down here". 

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