Tuesday, 1 May 2012

How random can it be??

Things refuse to make sense when laid out randomly, a jigsaw puzzle has all the pieces yet remains incomprehensible if not arranged in order. Randomness misses not a thing but order, it has all the the pieces but lacks the correct cohesion. A confused state of mind is randomness at its best, it has all the options; worst to best yet unable to choose one. We all crib about lack of options, we despise the number of options available at other's disposal. But how good does it become when we get the options? We get overwhelmed by the number of options and the abundance sucks out the certitude rather brings ambiguity. And out of oblivion we make a mess out of it.

So is it always bad to have options? Not really, options give you a sense of security but its just like a jigsaw, where no matter which end we start it from ultimately it boils down to that one last piece which makes it complete. But we must not forget that by the time we touch the last piece it becomes quite resolved what picture we were trying to draw while it was hardly recognizable when we started it arranging. Same way goes in life which is full of options and with every step, be it right or wrong we prune out the pieces and lesser complicated it becomes.

But aren't there risks involved with every step we take and every option we drop or choose? Yes there are and as a matter of fact we take wrong decisions quite often. But doesn't it make your head feel lighter than being stuffed up till the brim with ambiguities, randomness; in short a combinatorial explosion. A state of failure is still better than a state of dilemma because we don't learn anything out of confusion while failure is the best teacher one could ever have.

So what is randomness and how random is it? My take is, it is simply a lack of a scheme of prioritization of things. It is the absence of resolve, a blurred vision of mind. And we all suffer with this, yet some of us find the correct glasses to see through it while others struggle and the darkness prevails.

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